Mangalorean - RC Bachelor - 33 Year - Udupi

Name: MWM3004 Dsouza
DOB: 24th Sept 1984
Height: 5'9"
Qualification: BBM, MBA - Manipal
Profession & Workplace: Worked in Northern Trust and Mangalore WHO; Presently running a famous Icecream Parlour in Manipal
Siblings: Younger sister, Canada
Parents : Father is Expired; Mother is a home maker
Hobbies: Sightseeing, Bike riding and Cooking

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Event Planning Services

We, Mangalore Wedding Mart provide complete consulting services for christenings, communions, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, receptions, budgeted events etc.

1. Coordinating with the vendors; helping you to book the best possible vendors
2. End to End Event Planning, starting with booking the vendor to coordinating with the vendors at the event
3. Event Planning Solutions

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Email ID: 
WhatsApp Number: 8792633405
Call: 86182 68091

Family Caterers

Family Caterers is well known for its food and service in and around Mangalore. They can be one of your choices.

Family Caterers

Business Name: Family Caterers
Contact Name: Wavel Lasrado
Phone Number: 98453 04657 / 87923 15698
Address: Kadjahithlu House, Derebail, Konchady, Derebail, Mangaluru

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DJ Chris

Dj Chris has been performing since 12 years. Pursuing this career out of passion for music, currently he is renowned for the cities largest events and high profile weddings. Adding to his in depth and diverse musical knowledge, is his unique ability to read and connect with all sorts of crowds.

Starting off with private and corporate events his distinct reputation and popularity grabbed numerous offers at various clubs where he established himself as a club dj due to his knowledge of diverse musical genre.

Winning the war of DJs held at Manipal thrice, he has had the opportunity of being a judge at the event in the recent times.

Currently he is also a DJ tutor enabling students develop their music skills from the basics through to the advanced. His experience over the years has made him the DJ of choice for private weddings.
Carrying on his fathers legacy he's venturing into the music industry as a sound engineer and has balanced various live events, college events, popular bands and classical and corporate events.

Owner of Chris electronics, they are the leading dealers for yamaha musical instruments; sound and lighting since 1983.

Contact Name: Christon Mascarenhas
Business Name: DJ Chris
Contact number: 9845176767
Email ID:

List of Wedding Planners in Mangalore

Marriage is the event to enjoy and feel relaxed. That’s why we have provided you the list of our best wedding planners in Mangalore

1 Corinthians 16:14 says “Do everything in love."  And William Lyon Phelps once said “The highest happiness on earth is marriage.” These words speak a lot. Indeed, marriage is a onetime life event which you would cherish all your life.  The kind of experience, emotions, family get together, joy and other things make our wedding an unforgettable one.

Mangalore Wedding Planners

Why choose Wedding Planners in Mangalore?
  1. ü  Makes your wedding stress free
  2. ü  Highlight the Mangalorean culture and tradition
  3. ü  Smooth Execution
  4. ü  Saves time
  5. ü  Creative ideas and delivery

Choosing the excellent Wedding Event Management Companies from Mangalore is now easy with our listings. Discover the Wedding Planning companies in Mangalore here!

Event Planning Services(MWM)

Limelite Creations

Dream Creations

Lobo Decorators & Events

Rainbow Events

WilWax Eventz

Big Impressions

Cherish Event Management

MC Hera Pinto

The Voice And Soul of Events
Since 2010, the young, dynamic and multi-lingual Hera Pinto has infused life into several events of varied formats, both across cities in India as well as internationally. Passionate about making every event a memorable one. Hera Pinto combines a unique blend of style, elegance and a charming personality. A master of the art of keeping the audience engaged and entertained with her creative spontaneity. Hera's warm and friendly approach with the guests has seen her rise to one of the most sought after names. Add life to your events; Add Hera. 

MC Hera Pinto

Business Name: MC Hera Pinto
Contact Name: Hera Pinto
Phone No: 9739379081
Email ID:
Place: Mangalore
Languages: English, Hindi, Konkani
Event Type Hosted: Weddings, Engagements and Anniversaries, Corporate Events and Product Launches, Birthdays and Communion Parties, Fashion Shows, New Year Bashes, Banquets and more...

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MCs in Mangalore

MC (Master of Ceremony) plays a vital role in giving a smooth touch to your function. Hiring MC for a Catholic Function in Mangalore has become a trend; in fact much needed. MC would give a grand look to the function leading from the front. So, choosing the right person to guide the wedding or any other function is crucial.
Trending MC in Mangalore

As there is a lot of demand for MC, getting the right person is always a difficulty. So, in Mangalore Wedding Mart, we provide lists of wedding vendors including MCs for the benefit of us. We are still continuing to add all available MCs in Mangalore. If you don't have the particular MC in this page, it simply means that we are yet to recieve details from them. In the meantime, we will be trying our level best to add all possible MCs.

There is no limit for the talent in Mangalore. The listing of young MCs including the famous MCs is the evidence for the same. This page will provide you the Master of Ceremonies Listed in Mangalore Wedding Mart.

Choice Caterers

They claim to serve the best class of class food with a homely ambience. They strive to deliver the best. So here is your 'Choice Caterers'

Choice Caterers

Business Name: Choice Caterers
Contact Name: Praveen Fernandes
Phone Number: 9845984145 / 9844618551  / 0824-2477538
Email ID:
Address: 2nd Floor, Gousia Complex Opp Service Bus Stand,Surathkal, Mangalore 

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MC Lavita Menezes

MC Lavita Dsouza is an MC from Mangalore. She performs compere in wedding, egagement, roce, birthday party, Mehendi, Holy Communion and so on

Name: MC Lavita Menezes
Phone Number: 78299 14959
Place: Mangalore
Occasion: Wedding, Engagement, roce, birthday party, Hindu Wedding Reception, Mehendi, Holy Communion, Christening, Corporate events
Language: English, Kannada, Hindi, Konkani, Tulu

St. Antony Caterers

Antony caterers prvoides catering services for your events. They can be one of the hoices for your events.

St. Antony Caterers

Business Name: St. Antony Caterers
Contact Name: Roshan D Souza
Phone Number: 9341127301
Place: Modankap Post, Bantwal, Mangalore

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Capcha Artistic Weddings

One of the top photographers in coastal Karnataka, specializing in weddings and related events. Candid photography with a touch of creativity to capture the memories of your big day in a very artistic way.

Capcha Artistic Weddings

Business Name: Capcha Artistic Weddings
Contact Name: Arul Leonard Miranda
Phone Number: 9535785588
Location: Moodbidri & Mangalore

Watch Videos Related to Capcha Artistic Weddings

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MC Arun Danthy

MCing in Konkani, English, Kannada and Tulu in a professional and humorous way. He works for BASF India Ltd as Quality officer. Anchor for 'Ami Dogi Sezaara' top rated tv live show in Dainiworld247 TV. He lives in Mangalore and hails from Pernal-Shirva.

MC Arun Danthy

Business Name: MC Arun Danthy
Contact Name: Arun Danthy
Phone No: 9845027360
Email ID:

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The Day, I said I Love You..

My name is Roshan I’m single but goes around with a board ready to mingle. I feel insecure at workplace just because I don’t have a girl friend like my colleagues do. Loneliness kills, doesn’t it?

That day, for my luck my eyes caught a sight of a beautiful girl passing through my area. I could see everyone’s attention towards her but also, tension on her face. I couldn’t take off the gaze from her; I lost where I was going; my heart started to beat faster; and I was sure this is my love at first sight and she is the girl for me.

I knew guys around my area and competition for her would be high. I did not want to waste any time. Next day, I reached the same location where I had seen her yesterday. There she was; walking towards my side wearing pink long dress. When she reached near me, I walked along with her and meanwhile smiled at her. Surprisingly, she smiled back as if she had known me before. I knew it was a green signal. I was excited and talked all the while walking. When we had reached the bus stand, with all possible courage & nervousness I proposed her saying ‘I Love You’. But she hurriedly got on the bus without saying a word. I got a doubt if she was really listening to me? But I was sure somehow I will convey my proposal again.

The same day I was sitting in the house at night. To my shock, the girl I’m in love with opened the gate and went upstairs. That very moment my mom came and said, ‘She is the wife of our house owner’. I was stunned and managed to sit somehow before fainting. My heart was pounding; clock was making a sound and I was broken before the start of my story. 

I couldn’t sleep that day; after all, I proposed a married woman and that too, my house owner’s wife. I was embarrassed and also, frightened about what would happen next. No wonder, why she had smiled at me as if she knew me.

I decided to leave early from home and reach late. For my dismay when I was in office, I was informed by mom that the owner was looking for me. I tried my best to escape of meeting him and made routine of reaching home late. During this time, owner had checked for me couple of times.

And seven days after the incident, when I was arriving home late night, house owner was already waiting for me. World was upside down; my heart started to beat faster than the time I fell in Love. He comes forward and then greets me! Does anything work in life as we think? Several thoughts was running inside my mind. Then there goes the owner ‘My wife is looking for a job. She can not hear. Is there any vacancy for impaired people in your company?’ For a while I did not bother to answer. I felt a great relief. No wonder, why she was ignoring all my talk that day! I said ‘I would check and get back to him’ and wishing each other we departed. 

From the day I proposed, first time I felt relaxed and slept for long hours. In the end, indeed it was a happy ending. 

Sweetonpinto Photography

Sweetonpinto Photography, is a photographer from Mangalore known for creative photoshots. You will find more details about him here

Sweetonpinto Photography

Business Name: Sweetonpinto Photography
Contact Name: Sweeton Pinto
Phone No: 94492 69759
Address: Bendoorwel, Mangalore

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Rainbow Events

New hope, more creativity, great enthusiasm and a perfect event solution at your door steps in Mangalore. Here is Rainbow Events, one of the Wedding Planners in Mangalore

Rainbow Events

Business Name: Rainbow Events
Contact Name: Raison Ferrao / Sushanth
Phone No: 8618758543 / 9901788930 / 73531 61008
Email ID:
Check more background decoration from Rainbow Events
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