WEDDING CEREMONY – Mangalorean Catholics


When would wedding ceremony start? If that question is asked to us, then definitely our answer would be from home. There is a timeline for each program and extra caution to be taken to complete the each program within that time frame. Undoubtedly, master of ceremony (MC) would take care of this. If you want to alter the below order, do communicate this with MC well on time.

Part 1 – At Home
Bridegroom and bride and their family would pray before leaving the house. The prayer could be carried out by the head of the family or the gurkar of the ward. Usually prayer involves 3 stages:
  • Introduction prayer
  • ‘Our father’ Prayer
  • Concluding hymn/Song
However, it is free to conduct the prayer suitable to your family. Also, after the prayer family members need to bless the bride/bridegroom. The same could be done, singing ‘Vovio’ as well. After the prayer all family members would bless the jewellery, flowers etc which is to be used for the wedding.

Part 2 – At Church
Once reached to church, best man will open the door for a bridegroom; likewise bridesmaid will do for a bride. Later, best man will welcome the bride with a friendly hug and handover the bouquet to her. Now it is a time for nuptial mass or ceremony. After the mass, attendees will go to the reception venue.

Part 3 – At Wedding Reception Venue
Now bride and bridegroom (you can rightly say, newly wedded couple) along with the relatives would stand in the entrance of the venue. The first thing would be to celebrate the event with a wedding cake. So smile and cut the cake and share it with parents also. Up then, caterers would be ready to serve cake and wine to all gathered folks in the wedding. In case, if you think to quench your thirst with wine, wait a second! You need to wait until wedding toast gets over.

Part 3A – Traditional Wedding Toast
Hope you have arranged the toast master to give a beautiful and meaningful toast for your wedding. Not to miss all these requirements, you better check our wedding checklist. During toast, bridegroom and best man would stand. The toast master would introduce both the family members to all making them more familiar. Also, he would provide his expert advice and guidance for life based on his experience.  After the speech, toast master will clinch his glass with couple’s glasses. Cheers! You may now empty your wine glass and strengthen yourself to the next ceremony of ‘Thanks Giving’

Part 3B – Wedding March / First Wedding Dance
After the words of gratitude, here is the time for your first wedding dance. But before the dance, there is wedding march. You may use this time to warm yourself up for your first ever romantic wedding dance as first wedding dance would always be a memorable one. To make you comfortable and to be a part of your joy, relatives and friends would also join you for dance.

Part 3C – Adorning the bride with SADO
The bride would be accompanied by the bridegroom’s mother, sisters and other lady members, while for youth; it’s a time of enjoyment. To dance on the floor musicians would be playing hit songs for you. If everything goes well, adorned bride will be present in half an hour. We always see attendees keep their fingers crossed for this wish to come true.

Part 3D – Wedding Necklace
The next ceremony would be to put the wedding necklace (mangalasutra/Kariamani) on your bride’s (rightly wife) neck and exchange the garlands. Bride’s parents would give gift to groom and groom’s parents would give gift to bride. Later, both parents would exchange bouquet to each other.  There is a program called 'maaichi mudhi'.

Part 3E – Giving Away Ceremony
This is a traditional ceremony, which involves full of emotions. Bride’s family would give away their daughter to a new family while groom’s family would receive the bride with a promise of keeping her happy (ಒಪ್ಸುನ್ ಕಾನ್ಗೆoವ್ಚೆ0). As a concluding of this part, we would sing ‘laudate dominum’

Part 3F – Wishing Ceremony
Attendees may now wish the couple.

Part 3G – Lunch / Dinner
Caterers would be ready to serve food. You would be waiting for this moment as your stomach would be so empty. So, have a stomach full of food.

Part 3F – Baila Dance
The baila dance is so famous in Mangalore. You don’t want to miss that. Along with that there is one more wedding dance.  Know this? You will be surprised with this music and dance in case if you have not attended the wedding previously till the end.

Part 3G – Chairing the couple:
It is so funny and jolly moment in the wedding. Couple would be lifted on a chair and make them kiss.

This is a normal sequence of the wedding. Therefore, you may change it to suit your plan. Remember, it is your wedding. You need to plan. So, go to our checklist before the wedding to learn more. And don’t worry on the above said ceremony as compere would already been hired to guide on the wedding ceremony.