The Day, I said I Love You..


My name is Roshan I’m single but goes around with a board ready to mingle. I feel insecure at workplace just because I don’t have a girl friend like my colleagues do. Loneliness kills, doesn’t it?

That day, for my luck my eyes caught a sight of a beautiful girl passing through my area. I could see everyone’s attention towards her but also, tension on her face. I couldn’t take off the gaze from her; I lost where I was going; my heart started to beat faster; and I was sure this is my love at first sight and she is the girl for me.

I knew guys around my area and competition for her would be high. I did not want to waste any time. Next day, I reached the same location where I had seen her yesterday. There she was; walking towards my side wearing pink long dress. When she reached near me, I walked along with her and meanwhile smiled at her. Surprisingly, she smiled back as if she had known me before. I knew it was a green signal. I was excited and talked all the while walking. When we had reached the bus stand, with all possible courage & nervousness I proposed her saying ‘I Love You’. But she hurriedly got on the bus without saying a word. I got a doubt if she was really listening to me? But I was sure somehow I will convey my proposal again.

The same day I was sitting in the house at night. To my shock, the girl I’m in love with opened the gate and went upstairs. That very moment my mom came and said, ‘She is the wife of our house owner’. I was stunned and managed to sit somehow before fainting. My heart was pounding; clock was making a sound and I was broken before the start of my story. 

I couldn’t sleep that day; after all, I proposed a married woman and that too, my house owner’s wife. I was embarrassed and also, frightened about what would happen next. No wonder, why she had smiled at me as if she knew me.

I decided to leave early from home and reach late. For my dismay when I was in office, I was informed by mom that the owner was looking for me. I tried my best to escape of meeting him and made routine of reaching home late. During this time, owner had checked for me couple of times.

And seven days after the incident, when I was arriving home late night, house owner was already waiting for me. World was upside down; my heart started to beat faster than the time I fell in Love. He comes forward and then greets me! Does anything work in life as we think? Several thoughts was running inside my mind. Then there goes the owner ‘My wife is looking for a job. She can not hear. Is there any vacancy for impaired people in your company?’ For a while I did not bother to answer. I felt a great relief. No wonder, why she was ignoring all my talk that day! I said ‘I would check and get back to him’ and wishing each other we departed. 

From the day I proposed, first time I felt relaxed and slept for long hours. In the end, indeed it was a happy ending.