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Looking for

Surname: Coutinho
Type: Roman Catholic
DOB: 9-April-1990
Height: 5′ 2″
Education: MBA, Charted Accountant
Current Location: Dubai
Occupation: Charted Accountant
Siblings: None
Parents: Dad – Lecturer (Retired) and Mom – Nurse
Native: Bajpe
Expected Groom: Looking for a groom aged below 35 years and ready to settle in Dubai

Contact Details: Alisha Coutinho
Email ID: alishacoutinho30@gmail.com

Surname: D’Souza
Type: Roman Catholic
DOB: 23-Jan-1995
Height: 5′ 4″
Education: B.Sc. Nursing
Current Location: Kuwait
Occupation: Nurse
Siblings: Elder Sister, married & settled in Dubai
Parents: Dad – Retired and Mom – Home Maker
Native: Jeppu
Expected Groom: Height should be above 5’4″ and well settled.

Contact Details: Priya D’Souza
Email ID: priyaproposal95@gmail.com

Surname: Monteiro
Type: Roman Catholic
DOB: 17-May-1992
Height: 6′
Education: M. Tech.
Current Location: Dubai
Occupation: Software Engineer
Siblings: One Younger brother, studying
Parents: Retired
Native: Kodical, Mangalore
Expected Bride: Girl’s height should be minimum 5’3″ and well educated and from good family background.

Contact Details: Alan Monteiro
Email ID: alanmonteiro1126@gmail.com

Surname: Pinto
Type: Roman Catholic
DOB: 17-April-1993
Height: 5′ 4″
Education: Bachelor of Engineering
Current Location: Dubai
Occupation: Software Engineer
Siblings: Elder Sister, married & Settled in Dubai
Parents: Dad – Business & Mom – Teacher
Native: Udupi
Expected Groom: Groom should be below 32 years and well educated

Contact Details: Alvira Pinto
Email ID: Will be updated shortly

Surname: Rebello
Type: Roman Catholic
DOB: 11-March-1991
Height: 5′ 5″
Education: B.Sc. Nurse
Current Location: Kuwait
Occupation: Nurse
Siblings: Younger Brother – Working in Bangalore
Parents: Dad – Retired & Mom – House wife
Native: Karkala
Expected Groom: Looking for a groom working anywhere and well settled, age below 34 years

Contact Details: Anna Rebello
Email ID: anna20rebello@gmail.com

Surname: Pereira
Type: Roman Catholic
DOB: 7-Oct-1994
Height: 5′ 3″
Education: M. Com
Current Location: Dubai
Occupation: HR
Siblings: One elder brother, married & settled in Bangalore
Parents: Dad – MCF and Mom – House Wife
Native: Kulshekar, Mangalore
Expected Groom: Well qualified and aged between 27-32 years

Contact Details: Jacintha Pereira
Email ID: jacinthapereira1994@gmail.com

Surname: Sequeira
Roman Catholic
:  16-Dec-1994
Height:  5’5″
Education:  BE, MBA
Current Location: Bangalore
Occupation: Territory sales manager
Siblings:  One younger sister (studying)
Parents: Father- working in Saudi and Mother- homemaker
Native: Mulki

Expected Groom: Looking for a groom aged between 27 to 31, preferably working in Bangalore or outside India. Height should be between 5’8″ to 6′

Contact Details:
Whatsapp: 9845290576
Email ID: leemasequeira94@gmail.com

Name: Kevin Dsouza
Roman Catholic
: 14-Jan-1990
Height:  6′
Education:  PUC + Computer Hardware & Networking
Current Location: Qatar
Occupation: Business, Qatar
Siblings:  3 Sisters (Married) and 1 Brother (Married)
Parents: Dad (No more) and Mom (House Wife)
Native: Belvai

Expected Bride: Any suitable girl above 5′ 3″ height

Contact Details:
Whatsapp / Call: +97466554558

Surname: Dcunha
Roman Catholic
: 12-March-1991
Height: 5′ 5″
Education: MCA, Sastra University & BCA, St. Joseph College
Current Location: Bangalore
Occupation:  Technical Specialist, Wells Fargo Bank
Previous Experience: Tata Consultancy, Malaysia & Bangalore
Siblings: One elder brother, married & living in Qatar
Parents: Dad – Maxim Dcunha and Mom – Lidwin Dcunha
Native: Originally from Mangalore & settled in Bangalore

Expected Bride: Require bride between 24 to 27 years, preferably working in Bangalore; Height should be around 5′ 2″ to 5′ 4″

Contact Details:
Whatsapp: 63660 43178
Email ID: leslie4ulld@gmail.com

DOB: 28 – Oct – 1991
Height: 5′ 5″
Education: MBA – Finance
Current Location: Bangalore
Occupation: Banking
Siblings: None
Parents:  Mom (Teacher) and Dad (Businessman)
Native: Urwastore

Expected Groom:  Well qualified – either B.E. or Post Graduate; Height should be more than 5′ 7″; Good looking; Working in Bangalore

Contact: carolinepinto45@gmail.com

DOB: 18-Nov-1991
Height: Will be updated shortly
Education: MBA – Finance
Current Location: Bangalore
Occupation: Assistant Accountant, St. John’s Medical College
Siblings: No
Parents: Will be updated shortly
Native: Mangalore

Expected Bride: Will be updated shortly

Contact:Will be updated shortly

DOB: 3-June-1991
Height:  5′ 9″
Education: MBA
Current Location: Mangalore
Siblings: No
Parents: Retired
Job Role: Manager in Sales Department
Horoscope: Thula Rashi and Vishaka Nakshatra

Expected Bride: Looking for bride from traditional and middle class family

Contact: manjunathkukyan@gmail.com

DOB: 17-Jan-1990
Height: 5′ 6″
Education: MBA
Current Location: Bangalore
Siblings: One brother – Married
Parents: Retired

Expected Bride: Post Graduate / Engineer

Contact: mwmproposal1@gmail.com