Terms of Service

Service Obligation

1. Mangalore Wedding Mart will make the best effort for a continuing service as mentioned in the 'Services' page, but will not be liable for any lossof data or anything, due to non-deliveries, delays or service interruptions caused by situations beyond the direct control of Mangalore Wedding Mart or by errors or omissions of the customer. Mangalore Wedding Mart excludes any condition of warranty as to the accuracy of the third party information recieved through the Service.

2. The details provided in the Mangalore Wedding Mart website is available for the public. We will not be responsible for any misuse of data or any loss incurred due to it.

3. Mangalore Wedding Mart will not be held liable for indirect, economic or consequential loss whatsoever.

4. The liability of Mangalore Wedding Mart in contract or in connection with the supply of the service shall be limited in respect of any one or a series of connected events to value of the domain name(s).

5. Breach of Terms and Conditions by the customer/s shall lead to termination of service with no entitlement to refund.

6. All fees paid are non refundable. Registered domain names cannot be changed in their name or extension unless costs due in the registration of a new name with the appropriate registry costs.

Contract of Service
1. The contract period shall be for the whole term of fees paid by the customers from the date of registration of domain name until the date of expiry of the domain name (i.e., one year). Renewal and discontinuation of the renewal should be communicated in writing email with 14 days of notice.

2. Mangalore Wedding Mart may choose to suspend or terminate the Service immediately on any default of payment by the Customer.

3. Our service is depending on third parties and other factors. Mangalore Wedding Mart will attempt to give as much notice as possible, but should not be held liable for any disruptions or downfall of services.

Annual Renewal of service
The service, listed in 'Services' page, will contain a renewal price every year.

Improper Use and Liabilities
1. The customer shall acknowledge that he /she will only use the service for lawful purposes.

2. Customer shall keep all user names and passowrds secure and not let third parties access to them. In case of any such event, customer shall inform Mangalore Wedding Mart by e-mail.

3. The Customer hereby idemnifies MangaloreWeddingMart  against any action taken by a third party due to the customer's use of the service.

4. The Customer shall notify Mangalore Wedding Mart of any action taken against them by a third party and will not hold Mangalore Wedding Mart liable for any resulting costs.

5. The Customer acknowledges that MangaloreWeddingMart caanot excercise control over the content of information passed across the Internet and via the Service.

6. The Customer agrees to confirm to the acceptable policies of connecting to other newtors / third parties across the Internet.

Service Agreement: 
1. The customer has the right to withdraw from or cancel their Service Agreement with MangaloreWeddingMart within first 72 hours of domain registration. It should be communicated via email only.

2. Transfer charge of domain name will be applicable, incase of the domain transfer requests.

Domain Name Agreement:
1. Mangalore Wedding Mart will register a domain on behalf of an individual and /or company on a per domain basis and the individual or company is granted exclusive use of this domain so long as all fees are paid and the balance of any accounts are kept up to date.

2. By registering name, you agree to keep MangaloreWeddingMart and its associated members fully and effectively indemnified at all times against action brought about by any person/s, or company against you in using the name. You will assume liability and costs for any such action and release MangaloreWeddingMart and its associated companies should any such situation arise.

3. The domain name cannot be used for any immoral or pornographic use.

4. MangaloreWeddingMart shall not be liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including loss of income, data, or information in any event by use of the Service.

5. MangaloreWeddingMart reserves the right to delete or suspend any domain name if payments have been defaulted upon and may at its discretion levy admin charges in re-establishing any domain or service thereof.

Refunds are at the discretion of the Management.

Note: This page may be updated regularly. Please check.