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Bridal Bouquet

1,300 1,250

Delivery time: Maximum 15 days
Material: Satin Material
Discounts: Contact them for bulk order to get more discounts.
Starting Price: ₹1,250 (based on designs & requirements price will change)
More Information about this vendor: Floral Affairs

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This bridal bouquet is available in different variations and different colours. The usual combinations of the bouquet that vendor offers are white roses and green outer walls, blue and orange ribbon flowers with pearls, a big rose flower with white net covered, etc. And also, these bouquets are artificial bouquets made up of satin material. You can alter the bouquet color, quantity, arrangement and many more based on your requirements.

The price may vary based on many options listed below.

  • Number of bouquet
  • Design of the bouquet
  • Size of the bouquet

You may click on ‘Contact Us’ button to drop your message to seller. And you can know the exact chargeable amount and more details.