Mangalore wedding mart is a platform to connect with wedding vendors and clients. So, we provide all basic information as provided by the wedding vendors. Information, photos and documents shared by wedding vendors with Mangalore Wedding Mart are considered to be permissible to display it in our portal and it is also considered that wedding vendors have required permission from concerned parties to display it in our portal.

Vendors provide services independently. We have no control or any association regarding actual delivery of services. Visitors and Users need to check about deliverable of vendors services by themselves. Our role is limited only to display information related to wedding vendors. MWM shall not be held liable in any manner for any issues that may arise in the future, related to such Vendor, their Products / Services or such booking.

We display vendor’s business related information including contact name, phone numbers, social media links, photos etc for visitors, users, customers and vendors for usage specified in policy and use only.

We collect information through calls, messages, emails, referrals and by person. So, whatever information is shared in our portal is deemed to be provided by you. If any of the information, is not compliant with this Agreement, you should immediately notify us to remove / modify it.

Information, content, photos or any materials displayed in MWM portal should not be used in any of other portals or anywhere without a written consent from MWM official email ID – or

By using MWM platform / services, you are complying with all our terms and conditions. If you do not agree with our terms of this Agreement and policy and use, you should discontinue to use MWM immediately. and clauses mentioned here.

 Any modification to this agreement will not be notified. If you continue to use MWM website, you are bound of this agreement or any changes made in future.

When vendor’s information is listed on MWM, it is deemed that vendor owns the content and it is not in violation, infringement or misappropriation of any copy rights. Some content would be developed by MWM team for better visibility of the vendors.  MWM shall not be liable for any violation of copyright or Intellectual Property or other rights being violated in any manner whatsoever and the User / Vendor shall be liable.

If you wish to remove vendor content, you may send a request to and include a brief description of the content to be removed. Also, provide URL. We will remove the content as soon as possible.

We have written the content of vendors, products and services for information purpose only. You are advised to use your own judgement and verify information provided here.

MWM does not take liability to ensure protection of the content posted on the website/platform. In the event that the vendor content on the website and the same is infringed by any party, it shall not be the liability of MWM. We attempt to prevent such copying and infringement by applying our watermark on each photo, but take no responsibility to further protect the content.

Ensure, be clear and follow that whatever content and photos your page is filled with, it is deemed you (i.e., vendor or customer) own the copyright or otherwise have the right to display it on your page. It is your responsibility to ensure you have required rights to publish and MWM takes no liability of the same whatsoever.

If MWM finds any content is found to be Prohibited in any way, MWM shall remove it from their platform and MWM should not be held liable.

You cannot copy, publish, distribute the content of MWM platform without a written consent from MWM. Information displayed in MWM platform should not be used in manner to harass, abuse, or harm another person. MWM platform should be used for a sole purpose of marriage planning and preparation.

Each vendor is expected to provide correct information to MWM. Any misrepresentation or misinformation shall be liability of concerned party/ individual / entity and not the liability of MWM. Vendors acknowledge that deal, transactions and services occur independently and MWM is not involved. 

MWM has commercial dealings with certain vendors on its platform. This commercial dealings, include but not restricted to, providing additional visibility in return for a certain fee. This fee doesn’t in any way guarantee any business bookings. MWM acts as a facilitator, and help them to reach out to more customers.

MWM cannot verify all reviews written in vendor’s profile. But we try our best to ensure that genuine reviews are posted in the page.

MWM is only a listing platform and there are no associations with vendors for dealing purpose. Data displayed on vendor’s profile is collected from vendors itself. MWM does best effort to verify information displayed on vendor is correct, but does not guarantee in any way that information displayed is accurate.

MWM takes no responsibility of any loss, damage, injury or death, failure, theft, destruction, problems, or any negative impacts causing through MWM platform.

Under Wedding Mart platform, we have tied up with many vendors and sellers, to display their products and services. We will not show their contact directly, instead we will use SMS gateway to send interested customers messages to respective sellers / vendors. Those respective sellers / vendors will then contact the interested buyers / customers. Sellers / Vendors do agree to receive messages from MWM on interested buyers / customers. This message should be considered transactional in nature.


  • We, MWM, us, website &/ our: This refers to ‘Mangalore Wedding Mart’ website.
  • Page: Refer to particular vendor / customer’s page in ‘Mangalore Wedding Mart’ Website.
  • Visitor: One who browses / visits mangalore wedding mart portal
  • User: One who registers, comments and uses our website for purposes specified in policy and use.
  • Customer: Individuals / entities undertaking MWM services for purposes specified in policy and use.
  • Vendor: Individual / entities listed on the MWM website.